What is a QR code?

A QR code (Quick Response Code) is a barcode where you can store information. An image of the code is captured with a Smartphone and the user automatically has access to the information stored in the QR code. Storing your BSafeMed profile in a QR code is quick and efficient.

What type of information does your QR code show once scanned?

It only shows information that you consider necessary in case of emergency. If needed, a medical professional could scan your QR code and in just a few seconds he or she could access your BSafeMed profile and could make a quick and accurate diagnosis.

Can I send my medical information via email?

The webpage www.bsafemed.com is the only place where you can insert and manage your medical details.  We believe that you are the best person to check that the information is correct and to make changes when necessary. It is your responsibility to keep your medical details up-to-date in your BSafeMed profile.

Is the information stored in the QR code safe?

We are aware of how important it is to keep your personal details safe. We have designed some ways of ensuring that your privacy is protected. 
Firstly, the QR code is hidden on the back of the sticker so that it is not easy to scan.
To guarantee the maximum level of security around your BSafeMed profile, you cannot insert a name, photo or other details that could directly reveal your identity.
There is a part on the sticker where you can fill in your name as well as the details of a contact person.

Why does the BSafeMed profile ask me for my height and weight?

Medical professionals use this information to calculate the doses of medicine.

My doctor has prescribed me a new type of medicine.  What do I do?

You can change any part of your profile at any time in just a few seconds at www.bsafemed.com

Can I give a BSafeMed  profile as present to a relative or to friends?

Yes, the only thing you need is the medical data of the person in question.

I am going on a trip abroad.  Can I bring my BSafeMed card with me?

The BSafeMed system works all over the world.  In any place where you can use your mobile and you have Internet access, the BSafeMed system will protect you in case of emergency.

I have placed an order, now what?

You will receive an email on the status of your order and information on how to fill out your BSafeMed profile.  Within a maximum of 5 working days we will send your BSafeMed card and stickers to the address that you provide us with.